Sunday, October 31, 2010

Been too long since I posted -

that being said, I'm wondering if anyone is reading anyway. if so, send me an comment. thanks.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thank you Chinese !!!

China in July held almost $847 billion in U.S. Treasuries, more than double the amount it held four years earlier.

Monday, October 04, 2010


local weather forecaster reports today . . . .

ATMOSPHERIC CONDITION 10-5-2010 : In one week's time we have transitioned from a late September heat wave, to a North American monsoon condition to a early spring type of weather pattern with strong to gale force (24 and 38 mph) northwesterly winds and much cooler temperatures.
Last Saturday evening a band of thunderstorms developed over the Carrizo Plains and Shandon and stretched westward towards Atascadero, producing lightning and thunder and roughly between quarter to half an inch of rain. However, the majority of weather stations in San Luis Obispo County had no measurable rainfall.

The flue that wasn't

By now everyone knows that the pandemic scare foisted upon us last year was a total bust. here's a good blog that explores it click here

Sunday, October 03, 2010

What's more dangerous? texting or being drunk?

Well, it turns out that texting is far more dangerous. A recent study found that on average, driving at 70mph, one man braking suddenly while legally drunk (0.80 blood alcohol) traveled 4' beyond his baseline performance. But reading an e-mail while driving sober, he traveled 36' beyond the baseline result and 7' while sending a text; in the worst case while texting, he traveled 319' before stopping.

HEY PEOPLE, STOP using your cellphone when your driving!

Sittin' on Top of the World

This is a great song which has been done by bluegrass bands and blues groups for decades. I first heard when Cream performed it and then later was reintroduced to it at a bluegrass jam. But it wasn't until two nights ago while listening to a local radio station that I heard who originated the song . . . . The Mississippi Shieks! check it out here and here and click here to listen to the their original song

Friday, October 01, 2010

gold mining issues - here come the majors, goodbye to the minors

exploration spending will clock in at $11.5 billion read more here

TARP is over

Well, it's finally done . . . did it do it's job? Only time will tell. read more here